La course

La course

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200 riders, side-by-side

 , line the top of a plush, green valley. No lines, no trail, just pure virgin terrain lies ahead. Silent engines belie the madness about to begin.Across the valley a mile away, a signal fire is lit, engines roar to life and 200 riders launch into a bomb run down into the valley. Straight ahead, a dense forest challenges the closest distance between two points theory. Simultaneously, 200 riders need to decide right, left or straight into the thick of it. The fire marks the exit of the valley at the end of a long hill climb, but it’s only the beginning.  


• Elimination style event• 160 total miles comprised of 4 x 40 mile laps• Dead engine start – Bomb Run• 2 laps run in the daytime• 2 laps run at night• 200 invited riders start first lap• Top 100 riders start second lap• 1 hour break• Top 50 riders start third lap• Top 25 riders for the final lap• 1 winnerThis event is by invitation only.You could be the Last Man Standing.